In Duhok 1994, one day in the evening I received a surprise gift, a Commodore-64 computer! I was a very fortunate kid and it was the first time I saw a computer, I was totally amazed by it. I couldn't wait to wake up the next day to play with it. Electricity wasn't' always available, but whenever it was I would spend all my time playing with it.

Throughout the years, I started spending a lot of time experimenting and playing with computers, most of the time it felt like I was shooting in the dark but I was also slowly learning. I didn't have any learning materials and I barely understood a few english words. Fastforward, I started repairing computers at the age of 16 and my passion for technology kept growing. I have continued working in the IT field and these days I spend most of my time writing code to manage cloud computing. Without my parents' support and a few other people this would never be possible.

Technology is ever changing mostly for improvement and that's a good thing. Even with my many years of IT experience, most of the time I feel like a beginner but I have learned that's ok because that's the nature of the technology business. Nobody can learn it all and it rapidly changes and evolves.

The mission of KLinux is teaching software engineering and other technical topics to our community.
I started KLinux to give back to the community by passing my skills to others and find more passionate technologists who would like to do the same so we can build and support our IT community. There is a lack of Kurdish online learning materials. If you have skills and knowledge please join KLinux, together we can make a difference!

" Together we can make a difference and empower communities to be self sufficient. " David Batstone

" No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and together we can change the world. " Ronald J. Sider

What is Linux?

Linux is a very powerful operating system. It's the backbone of the internet and all the modern technologies depend on it. It was built for programmers and scientists but it since has evolved drastically and can be used for any purpose nowadays. It's heavily used in embedded systems, IoT, servers, and recently desktop computer and gaming systems. You can do more with Linux and it's free to use!

Learning the basics of Linux is critical for anybody who wants to work in the IT field and software development. It helps you understand technology on a deeper level and opens new doors for you to grow and become successful in your IT career.

The use of Linux:

If someone needs to travel from Zakho to Hawler, let's say they use a car for this. The goal here is not the car itself, but it's arriving at the desired destination which is Hawler in this case. We can apply the same analogy on Linux, we need to remember using Linux is not the goal but rather a way to get from point A to B.

If you want to sell a product or a service online, you will need to build a website or mobile app and host it on a server.
For example if:

A: is coding your website or application
B: is the server hosting your website or application
C: is making your product or service available for people to buy or use

In this case, you should spend most of your time working on "A", this means writing code to build your website or application. "B" is a place for your website or application to live in which is the Linux server, and "C" is your goal! Again, Linux is something you can use to reach your goal. It's a great platform for programmers and people who like to understand technology at a deeper level.

Writing software is the blood life of innovation. We can bend the computer to our will with code and make things possible, that's the goal. However, to become a good programmer you need to understand the basics of Linux in most cases. Linux is one of the best tools to have as an IT and a programmer!

Please remember GNU!

Let's start with an example, a car doesn't exist without an engine, but the engine alone is not a car. The engine is actually useless if it's not attached with other parts to make a functioning car.
Think of Linux only as an engine of the car and the GNU as everything else of the car. Linux Kernel is useless without the GNU software stack, when Linux is included in the GNU stack only then it becomes useful. Whenever Linux is mentioned, it's actually GNU/Linux but the word Linux is commonly used as a shortcut.

This is important to know specially as you learn more about sofware licensing and to give the credit not only to Linux but also to GNU. Linux is only the Kernel, it's a very important part of the operating system and it was built with the help of the already existing GNU software and tools. Without GNU, Linux Kernel wouldn't exist and also without the Linux Kernel the great and useful Linux operating system wouldn't exist.

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